Jan 17th - post 1

MetOnTour note: Met up with this guy SCARDY from Sunshine Coast Australia and he had a good story to tell. I thought it would be cool to let him review tonight's show plus give us a little bit of his story. </P><P>------------- </P><P>REVIEW BY: SCARDY I have been surfing all week with this bloke called Rob, he tells me he plays in some band, Oh yeah...your wave mate, not too much was taken into consideration as the next set rolled in. Having swapped more than a few waves together Rob, suggests that we check out his band. Oh yeah who is that... Metallica. Where do I change my flight? We were going to see out new mate play and he happened to be in one of the biggest bands in the world! Black and white is the best way to describe the experience of surfing and hanging with Rob then watching him onstage. He connects with the other band members in such a way that has to be seen to be believed. Madly in anger with you.....holy shit what a fucken show, can you put anymore energy into it boys, I don't think so! Non stop from start to finish Metallica had the whole of Auckland taking it to pieces. Like Lars said 6 years too long and all the crowd agreed, the boys where so well recepted that the band lifted, and took in all the the energy on offer. Tight and fast from start to finish the show had the atmoshpere of a world cup final on steriods!!!!Nobody left without feeling that they have seen truly one of the best shows in Big Day out History!!! Metallica has relit its fireworks bigtime in Auckland!and this is just the START of the tour. Powerful Shit. Scardy...Sunshine Coast, Australia.</P><P align=center><IMG src="http://www.metallica.com/ivergence/image/scardy_rob.jpg"></P>