Glastonbury Recap

Glastonbury Recap

 Let's be clear.

Glastonbury itself didn't dispute why Metallica were chosen to headline the Pyramid Stage on a Saturday night, and those who are AT Glastonbury CERTAINLY didn't challenge why Metallica were chosen to headline the Pyramid Stage on a Saturday night.  No, it was the sofa kings. The keyboard warriors. And those who are born to be naysayers...they kicked up a fuss, mistook identities and basically caused a massive fuss....juuuuuust the way Metallica like it. Doubt them at your peril. Try to deny them and be damned. Earth hath no fury like a Metallica scorned.


Look, do I NEED to confirm they delivered a rip-roaring riposte to the couch surfing Internet warriors and wankers? Well, just in case...they did. Triple times. With bells on. And a big fat fucking cherry on top...they even served up a sweet ironic treat in delivering a short film, featuring fox hunters on a hunt before themselves getting blasted to hell. By four big bears. With shotguns. Just watch it HERE. Oh how sweet it was and is...


And from the first ripping crack-whip riff of "Creeping Death", Metallica had it. For the world to see via live BBC broadcast, showing fans new and old what you and I have known for years. That Metallica play, and slay, festivals. The atmosphere was charged for sure, but let me be clear. This festival, this massive, sprawling conurbation, this state, this NATION and institution known as Glastonbury absolutely needed Metallica to add it's spice to the cornucopia of flavors which already exist. And as trusted favorites such as "One" shared space with newer riffmeisters such as "Cyanide", it was clear that what Metallica just did at Glastonbury was open a door for others. Glasto-heads need not worry, because this beautiful event will never become a metalopolis. But now it can support and enjoy another flavor. A big and vital's fun to watch Metallica still breaking down doors after thirty two and three quarter years.


Words by: Steffan Chirazi

Pictures by: Jeff Yeager