Loaded In and Soundchecked!

We've spent the last two days at Belle Isle setting up all that will be Orion 2013. The Museum is loaded with classic gear and artifacts... Enter Met Club has a fake tuning room where members can pose with instruments and sit behind Lars' white kit from The Black Album tour... The Crypt is bigger and scarier than ever... Lars' Movie Tent is ready for screening... and the car show is overflowing with some amazing classic cars. Taylor Hawkins was on site and interviewed Lars and Robert regarding their lifestyle events. The band spent about an hour and a half on stage soundchecking and making sure everything sounded perfect. They ran through a number of songs that haven't been in serious rotation for a while so, if you're coming (and they don't change their mind! HA!), you should be in for a few treats.

The crew and the band are excited to kick off the festivities tomorrow and we'll do our best to give you live updates throughout the day. Keep in mind, with a festival of this size and with the number of events that the guys are participating in, the updates may be sporadic, but we'll do our best. Photos from load-in were posted yesterday and photos from soundcheck are up now.